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One of the most popular areas of study is business. And while most students who desire to earn a degree in business will attempt to earn a bachelor's degree, not every student is able to commit to four years of college, especially four consecutive years of sitting in a classroom.

Vocational schools will often offer a short series of courses in bookkeeping and office management. These types of classes help prepare individuals to work in, and even manage, a small business office.

Once a graduate has their first job, they can always continue on with school if they want to. They can do it at the college level by attending classes at their local college, or they can enroll in online courses offered either by a local school, or by a school on the other side of the country.

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You can find trade schools in every good-sized city and every state. And while vocational training is usually handled via classroom training, online courses can also be available. For example, a student in Orlando Florida can sign up for vocational classes, but also take a few courses online, saving themselves a few trips to campus.

And our friends north of the border are big on trade schools as well. Canada is very enthusiastic about technical trade school training. Check out those schools.

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