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Vocational schools and community colleges offer a variety of courses, but they are quite different from each other.

A vocational or trade school offers training that helps students get started in a very specific career. These training programs are usually short and the student isn't required to take classes that don't directly relate to the job they are working towards.

A community college, on the other hand, provides classes in a variety of general education categories. You can take English, math, natural sciences and other types of courses. Many students will attend a community college in order to earn a two-year Associate's degree. Some students will then transfer to a four-year university and work towards earning their bachelor's degree. See earning an undergraduate degree.

Vocational schools offer training in the area of service industries and skilled trades, such as plumbing, furnace repair, carpentry and auto repair. They may offer other courses that can help prepare students for entry-level jobs in areas such as bookkeeping, web designing and basic photography

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